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UC Verde at Hyundai

Takao Nursery UC Verde Buffalograss Hyundai Project

Check it out! UC Verde Buffalograss installed at Hyundai Motor America in Fountain Valley, California!


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Here’s a month to month UC Verde lawn from Craig in Los Angeles! Thanks for sharing Craig!









Beginning of June


End of June


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UC Verde in Orosi



It’s UC Verde in Orosi!

Thanks to Rudy Taylor with Taylor Made Landscape & Design for sharing these pics! It makes me want to quit work for the day and head up to the cabin now… 🙂

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No Lumps Here!

UC Verde Buffalograss Grown by Takao Nursery - Lump-Free Lawn

We caught wind of a rumor going around that UC Verde Buffalograss will leave you with a lumpy looking lawn – and it just ain’t so!

Since UC Verde is planted in plugs, at first it will look like your lawn has undergone a hair transplant procedure and yes, it will look a little “lumpy” as the plugs begin to grow and spread. But once your grass has completely filled in your lawn will as normal as can be and lump-free!

Whether mowed or left au naturale, you won’t have to worry about UC Verde leaving you looking lumpy!

Visit our website at ucverdebuffalograss.com or contact us with all of your questions and comments or to place an order!


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UC Verde Buffalograss Grown by Takao Nursery, Home of Chris Wilson, El Cajon, Ca

Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait for the warm weather to get here!!!

To get your UC Verde Buffalograss ready for the warm up, mow it back to a height of around one inch. This will remove all the old yellow grass and help the sun to reach the soil and new growth faster. Since you are helping the ground warm earlier than normal, you will need to apply a pre-emergent or a fertilizer with crabgrass and/or annual grassy weed control at this time. Any product available at your garden center should be okay to use. Read and follow the label. Repeat this application at a ½ rate in 6-8 weeks for season long control!

Pictured above is a great UC Verde lawn shot from Chris Wilson of El Cajon, California! He says,

“In the lower left you can see where patch of competing bermuda is struggling with the summer heat. Not the buffalo! I’ve found that by mowing higher (2.5″ to 3″) in the summer, allows for much better moisture retention, and it really shows. In the spring I cut it to 3/4″ and it’s so tight and dense, it looks like a golfcourse fairway. Pretty cool grass!”

Pretty cool indeed Chris! And thanks so much for sharing your pic and tips with us! We’d love to hear what you think or see pics of your UC Verde in action too! Visit us on our Facebook page to share away 🙂

For more information or if you have any questions, you can also visit our website or contact us!

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Featured property: 2010 Habitat For HumanityGreen Home Tour

Oooo our UC Verde Buffalograss makes an appearance in California Landscaping Magazine! A Santa Barbara company, Wilson Environmental Landscape Design, Inc. won an award for the best sustainable landscape installation and part of their install included our UC Verde Buffalograss purchased through our socal rep Florasource!

Daniel Wilson, president and founder says, “When we got there, there were about 30,000 square feet of sod.” They replaced about 25,000 square feet with buffalograss and converted about 5,000 square feet into a succulent garden. “I think we’ve cut the water use down on the lawn by 70 percent. It could be more.”

To read the full article click here! And to learn more about how you can save water or purchase UC Verde Buffalograss visit our website or contact us at 559-275-3844 or info@ucverdebuffalograss.com!

Buffalo grass & flagstone path

buffalo grass drought tolerant plants

Planting & Design

(images from Wilson Environmental Landscape Design, Inc.)

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It’s beyond hot here in town! Days and days of over 100 degree weather has us all clamoring for more ac (especially me, I’m 7 months pregnant!), but the demonstration plot out at the Clovis Botanical Garden seems to be liking the warm weather just fine! Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂


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Jeremy Lew was so kind as so send us another update on his Fullerton, California project 🙂 Here we are at week 10 after the lawn’s first mow and trim!

And here’s what Jeremy had to say:

“Feeding lawn with Scotts+Halts. Remarkably easy install. Soil was rock hard/clay, previously held 50 year old bermuda grass, sod established. Established lawn using only reclaimed water from Water Hogs (see pic). Once established, started the lawn on Hunter MP Rotators 4 days a week for 6 mins, but now weened lawn after week 10 to once a week for 3 mins.”

Thanks for sharing Jeremy!!!


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Week 1: Installation/First week of March 2012

 Week 7: Filling in nicely!

A special thanks to Jerome Lew for sharing these pics from a recent green home project he has been working on! In his experience, he found that the plugs that were heavily doused in the Zeba Root Dip seemed to establish much faster. And he says “the homeowners are very happy”!

It all looks great, we can’t wait to see more! Thanks Jerome!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello love bugs! It’s Valentine’s Day and what Valentine’s Day would be complete without heart shaped pizza for lunch!…sorry I forgot to take a pic of it before we devoured it!

Prime UC Verde time is just around the corner in spring and with that being said, I thought I’d do one last status update on our painted test patch out front. What do you think? The colorant has slightly faded, but not bad after full winter exposure for 3 months (left with colorant applied late November, right left in natural dormant state)!

And now that UC Verde is coming out of hibernation you’ll be hearing from me more often! Talk to you soon!


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