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Jeremy Lew was so kind as so send us another update on his Fullerton, California project 🙂 Here we are at week 10 after the lawn’s first mow and trim!

And here’s what Jeremy had to say:

“Feeding lawn with Scotts+Halts. Remarkably easy install. Soil was rock hard/clay, previously held 50 year old bermuda grass, sod established. Established lawn using only reclaimed water from Water Hogs (see pic). Once established, started the lawn on Hunter MP Rotators 4 days a week for 6 mins, but now weened lawn after week 10 to once a week for 3 mins.”

Thanks for sharing Jeremy!!!


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Week 1: Installation/First week of March 2012

 Week 7: Filling in nicely!

A special thanks to Jerome Lew for sharing these pics from a recent green home project he has been working on! In his experience, he found that the plugs that were heavily doused in the Zeba Root Dip seemed to establish much faster. And he says “the homeowners are very happy”!

It all looks great, we can’t wait to see more! Thanks Jerome!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello love bugs! It’s Valentine’s Day and what Valentine’s Day would be complete without heart shaped pizza for lunch!…sorry I forgot to take a pic of it before we devoured it!

Prime UC Verde time is just around the corner in spring and with that being said, I thought I’d do one last status update on our painted test patch out front. What do you think? The colorant has slightly faded, but not bad after full winter exposure for 3 months (left with colorant applied late November, right left in natural dormant state)!

And now that UC Verde is coming out of hibernation you’ll be hearing from me more often! Talk to you soon!


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Still Looking Good!

Well, it has been about two and half weeks since I applied the turf colorant to our dormant UC Verde Buffalograss lawn and it’s still looking good! As our grass continues to lose its color as the winter weather takes over, the colored portion is looking better and better 😉

I’ll keep taking snapshots of it throughout the winter so you can see how well the colorant holds up until spring when UC Verde comes out of dormancy!

Have a great weekend everyone! Get your Christmas shopping done! 🙂

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The folks over at UC Davis documented their whole UC Verde experience from brand spanking new plugs to how to deal with winter dormancy. Check it out!

UC Verde plots, October 2010 (after the 1st weeding)
No water stress 8/16/11

Rye grass versus a turf colorant to keep UC Verde looking green through the winter:

Section of plot sprayed with turf colorant, Nov. 30, 2011.  Annual ryegrass is adjacent to (above/left) sprayed section.


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As promised our very first how-to video is here for you all to see!!! In it, I’ll show you how to apply a turf colorant to your dormant UC Verde Buffalograss lawn!

It’s a tad cheesy, but what can you do? – it’s hard to give a demonstration and not sound a bit cheesy! 🙂

So watch our little clip here or go over to our brand spanking new Youtube channel and check it out (and you can even subscribe if you want, wink wink)!

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Whoa, Santa Barbara has a Water Hero!

Dennis Allen of Allen and Associates, has been named the City of Santa Barbara’s first Water Hero for his four unit condo development, Victoria Garden Mews, in downtown Santa Barbara. The residence will become a model for green residential building in southern California and may become the “greenest” residential development not only in the state of California but possibly the nation. And it’s also the place Dennis calls home!

For the full article click here!

Click on any image to visit the Victoria Garden Mews website!

That’s UC Verde Buffalograss in the front yard of this new eco-friendly Victorian!



(Images from the Victoria Garden Mews website)


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