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Rich Rodriguez from KMPH 26 News likes UC Verde Buffalograss and so should you! 🙂 Like us on Facebook! We were featured on the local news during the Fresno Home & Garden Show as a great drought tolerant lawn alternative! Especially right now with California in a severe drought!facebook_ucverde_like

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Well we’re back from the Fresno Home & Garden Show and UC Verde Buffalograss drew lots of interest! Here are some of the most common questions we were asked:

  • Can you mow it? Of course! Mow it every 3 weeks to maintain a manicured look or you can leave it unmowed for a natural meadow look since its maximum height is just 6″!
  • Is it safe for kids and pets? It’s perfectly safe for dogs to nibble on and it was developed for regular foot traffic, so you’re A-Okay! And it is highly resistant to pests and diseases, so even better!
  • Will it fill in or will it look clumpy? It should fill in within 3-4 months and look just like a regular lawn. No clumpiness!
  • Is it like Bermuda? Sorta…it’s like Bermuda in that it spreads by sending out runners – but UC Verde’s runners stay above groundit is not invasive and does not send runners underground like Bermuda. It also goes dormant in the winter, from around November to February, but come spring it will green up again! Also, during dormancy you can get away with watering it just a few times in the winter or not at all!
  • Can I get it in seed or sod form? Nope sorry, UC Verde produces hardly any seedheads – so no seeds to speak of (which also makes it great for those with allergies though) and because it has such a deep root system reaching down 6-8 feet, it is also not available in sod form.
  • How often will I have to water it? Initially, you’ll water it every day to encourage it to spread, slowly reducing watering after approximately 4 weeks. And once it is fully established in 3-4 months, you should be down to once a week watering to keep it green!
  • Is it good for shade? Unfortunately, UC Verde has very delayed to little growth in very shaded areas. We only recommend it for full sun locations. It needs 6-8 hours of sunlight daily to grow well.
  • Where did this grass come from?  UC Verde Buffalograss was bred by UC researchers from Davis and Riverside specifically for the hot, dry climates of California and Arizona.
  • If this is bred by UC Davis, do I have to buy it from UC Davis? We are one of the very few licensed propagators of UC Verde and you can purchase it from us on our website at www.ucverdebuffalograss.com or call us a 559-275-3844! We are located in Fresno.
  • Are you from UC Davis? No, Fresno State is my alma mater! Go Dogs! 🙂

For more info visit us at www.ucverdebuffalograss.com and don’t forget to like us!


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ucverde_aug2012_takaonurseryIf you’re a local, be sure to stop by the Fresno Home and Garden Show this weekend and say Hello! We’ll be there sharing the wonderful water saving UC Verde Buffalograss and we’ll also be sharing some special show-only promotions! And the most important part?!…they’ll have fair food there…like the cinnamon rolls…mmmmm…

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The Oh So Resilient UC Verde!


I’m sure just like you, we all have a lot of things to do – work, family, weekends…things slip our mind…

A couple of weekends ago, my dad gave a presentation at the local botanical garden on UC Verde Buffalograss. At the end of their event he packed up his sample trays into the back of his SUV and headed home…

…A week later as he went to throw his golf clubs in the back of his car, he found the UC Verde trays still sitting back there…all, week, long.

A week cooped up in a warm car is hardly the ideal environment for any plant, but dad pulled them out and gave them a good watering anyhow – and what do you know!?…

The UC Verde trays sprang right back up and are as good as new! Talk about drought tolerant! 🙂

Visit us at www.ucverdebuffalograss.com to learn more about this resilient lawn alternative or to place your order today!

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Random But Cool

…So I do Google alerts for UC Verde – basically it just tells me “Hey, someone mentioned UC Verde somewhere in the world wide web!”…

And this link pops up with some transcript to a podcast called Scriptnotes hosted by John August, a screenwriter in L.A. Further investigation into his website leads me to his About page (I have intense investigatory skills!) where I find this interesting tidbit – ‘His screenwriting credits include Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Charlie’s Angels and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’! Very cool!

I hit Ctrl + F to cut to the chase and find out where the UC Verde part is – and he actually had a lot of great things to say about it! So I thought that was pretty cool 🙂 and just thought I’d share! Here’s the link to the full transcript or you can read on for the important stuff below 😉


John: …On that, let us wrap this little podcast up. My One Cool Thing is actually something that’s very sturdy, sort of like the human body when you remove its intestines. So, my One Cool Thing is UC Verde Buffalo Grass. I don’t know if you’ve heard of what this stuff is?

So our front of our house, we took out the front lawn because we’re sort of on this hill and there was really no good reason to have grass because you couldn’t enjoy the grass, and it was taking a tremendous amount of water to water that grass. So we put in native plants in the front. It looks nice. It’s wonderful. But in the back we actually have some lawn area where a kid can play soccer or kickball or some elaborate sport she just invented that involves kicking the ball and then doing math, because she’s that kind of kid.

But normal grass is sort of a huge water drain. So, we ended up putting in this new stuff called UC Verde Buffalo Grass. And it’s actually kind of amazing. So what they did is they took Buffalo Grass and sort of refined it, and refined it, and refined it, and sort of cross-bred it with this different thing. So they came up with a Buffalo Grass that takes very, very little water but really resembles normal grass. And so you can buy it, and if you’re putting in a new lawn someplace, or you’re working on your old lawn and thinking about something new, I’d really recommend it. It’s worked out very well.

The caveats for it: it’s not the kind of lawn that you can roll out, nor can you seed it. You actually have to buy these little plugs. And you just buy these little sort of one-square-inch plugs and you have to plant them. And you plant them six inches apart, and so that’s tedious and it takes a long time. But once it grows in it has been really, really good. And we basically don’t have to water for like months during the year, which is great.

Craig: Does it feel like normal grass?

John: It really feels like normal grass. It looks like normal grass and it feels like normal grass. As it is first growing in it’s a little too soft, like you could sort of push through to the ground a little too easily. But now that it’s grown in denser it’s really, really strong. And the roots are much deeper than normal grass which is why you don’t have to water it so much. So, it’s been a good investment.

Craig: I like that. David Zucker is very environmentally conscious. And a few years ago he did that ridiculous — I mean, I can’t stop making fun of this — that ridiculous thing where he got the fake grass, you know, the synthetic grass that’s basically like fancier Astro Turf.

John: Recycled plastic.

Craig: Yeah. It’s basically plasticy Astro Turf. So they got Astro Turf to leave that sort of terrible highway motel carpeting and to look like real grass, but the problem is, you don’t water it at all, but the problem is it heats up and just burns everybody that steps on it. [laughs] And it’s the dumbest thing ever. It kills me. I just think it’s so ridiculous.

John: But where I will… — We don’t have any of the plastic grass. Where I will say friends who’ve put in the plastic grass is where you have a place where grass just can’t grow because it’s too shaded by a tree. That’s actually kind of a great place for plastic grass.

Craig:  Sure. That’s fine. I buy that. Although, you know, there’s other options there.

John: Yeah. There’s shade-living things.

Craig: Yeah, there are. There are shade-living things. There are wee people that appreciate the shade. If you give them toadstools they will come. They will come. And they will grant wishes.

John: The other good thing about this grass is it seems to be very dog pee sturdy, so your dog can pee all over it and it won’t do weird things. It won’t die.

Craig: Nice.


Pretty cool, right?! 🙂

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It’s April! The flowers are blooming, the plants are growing…and my allergies are going crazy! Ah-choo!!!

If you’re an Allegra-D/Claritin dependent like me then you can appreciate that UC Verde Buffalograss has virtually no seed heads and a pollen rating that is just slightly higher than 1. The American Lung Association recommends using plants which have a pollen rating of 6 or less for an allergy reduced landscape.

Now is the perfect time to install UC Verde – it’s out of dormancy and ready to grow and the weather is perfect for working in the yard! Visit us to place an order or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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With notices going out through the city notifying customers of the upcoming switch to metered water, people are looking to lawn alternatives as a way to help cut costs on their skyrocketing bills! Yikes!

Which leaves several options to combat a rising water bill:

1) No lawn – going with drought plants to landscape your yard instead of a traditional lawn. This is certainly a way to cut back – your typical lawn accounts for up to 70% of your water use – but it’s not a look that appeals to everyone.

2) Artificial lawn – Well, pretty much you’re looking at a water free lawn here, but you’re also looking at a pricey upfront cost with the quotes for installation at anywhere from $7 sq ft up to $22 a sq ft – based off of what we were quoted here in town. And it is still, well, fake grass. It might seem kinda strange covering your entire front yard if you ask me. I suppose maintenance is about as low as you can go…unless you just have a concrete “lawn” 😉

3) UC Verde Buffalograss lawn – Of course my opinion is biased, that’s a given here! But going with UC Verde does seem like a happy medium of sorts – you can still have your lawn and cut back on water consumption – making having a lawn still affordable with meters! Also, with other perks like a max height of just 4-6″, you can mow your lawn just once or twice a month, twice a year or even never! Saving your precious personal time and also cutting back on lawn mower pollutants in the air. UC Verde also produces virtually no seedheads, which means it’s soooo much better for allergies than your typical lawn.

So, did I give you enough reasons to turn you into a UC Verde convert yet? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)

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We just finished up the Fresno Home & Garden Show this past weekend and I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of a couple passing by the booth.

The husband commented to his wife, “Oh here’s that buffalograss I heard about!” to which she matter-of-factly replied, “You have to own buffalo to eat the grass if you use that.”

This, folks, is not the case in any way, shape or form. It’s quite comical really!

Why is it called buffalograss? Well, let me tell you! Buffalograss originated in the US on the prairies of the Western Plains and it was given the name because it grew under the feet of millions of American bison, often referred to as buffalo!

So there you have it! You do not need to own buffalo to have a buffalograss lawn! And also keep in mind there are lots of varieties of buffalograss out there. UC Verde Buffalograss was developed by UC Davis specifically for the conditions of the west coast!

Read more about the perks of UC Verde on our website!

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Road Trip!

A bit of non-grass info for y’all! Here’s a little peek into the other side of being a part of the nursery…

I’m back from my road trip to speak about marketing at the San Diego Flower & Plant Association’s Annual Growers Meeting. It was a great trip that ended up being a bit longer than I had planned on…

The meeting itself was great – buffet, drinks, raffle prizes, a brief tour of Thompson Rose where the meeting was being held – met new people, got to see some familiar faces…

The following day we were lucky enough to be given the grand tour of Olive Hill Greenhouses! Denise, her husband Will and the main man Tony, gave Darren and I a thorough walk through of their facilities – it was really interesting to see! Growing indoor plants was quite different from what we do as perennial propagators and even from what Darren’s family does as a grower. The 2.5 hour tour was the perfect way to top off our work trip! And all the beautiful plants we got to take with us (as many as the Mini could fit) didn’t hurt either!


Lots and lots of colorful bromeliads (amongst many other types of beauties)! Aren’t you so jealous!?

Their awesome living wall in their office. I think I want one too now!

One last stop before the trek back to Fresno…a quick pop-in at McCall’s Meat and Fish in Los Feliz to visit Darren’s brother at his meat shop to take a little something back home for dinner. With spicy lamb sausages and their house burger blend in our ice chest, we were finally off! – be sure to check it out if you’re the foodie sort!

…then halfway through the grapevine, my tire began to shred…

Long story short…we had to stay the night in Gorman, because it was too late to get anything done. All of the local shops were not set up to change tires on a Mini and also did not carry any tires that would have fit anyways (Mini’s don’t come with a spare – they ride on run-flats, but run-flats only work if your tire isn’t on the verge of disintegrating).

We hauled all our stuff into our hotel room, plants included, and had pizza delivered to the room – which I found through the clever advertising they placed next to the tv channels sign (menu on back with Holiday Inn Express discount too, clever indeed!)

Unloading our goodies…I think our hotel room was the nicest one that night!


We woke up bright and early to be towed to the nearest BMW dealership in Bakersfield so that they could change out the tire – then walked to a chorizo breakfast – then 4 hours later we were finally on our way back home.

It was a great trip – minus the tire scare/hassle – but it’s good to be home and in a car that’s driveable 🙂

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Whooohooo everybody! Guess what?! Thanks to Perla Hernandez, we’re darn near 100 Facebook fans now!!!

That may be small beans to some of you out there, but we’ll take it! We’re busting into the triple digits any day now baby! And to celebrate our almost-at-triple-digits feat, we’re going to do another giveaway, because free is always fun, right!

Since UC Verde Buffalograss is bound to go dormant soon, we won’t be handing any of that out…so I’ll have to get a little creative…hmm, hm, hmmmmm…

Well, what would be more exciting for you – plant goodies or other kinds of non-greenery goodies???

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