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We just finished up the Fresno Home & Garden Show this past weekend and I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of a couple passing by the booth.

The husband commented to his wife, “Oh here’s that buffalograss I heard about!” to which she matter-of-factly replied, “You have to own buffalo to eat the grass if you use that.”

This, folks, is not the case in any way, shape or form. It’s quite comical really!

Why is it called buffalograss? Well, let me tell you! Buffalograss originated in the US on the prairies of the Western Plains and it was given the name because it grew under the feet of millions of American bison, often referred to as buffalo!

So there you have it! You do not need to own buffalo to have a buffalograss lawn! And also keep in mind there are lots of varieties of buffalograss out there. UC Verde Buffalograss was developed by UC Davis specifically for the conditions of the west coast!

Read more about the perks of UC Verde on our website!

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Road Trip!

A bit of non-grass info for y’all! Here’s a little peek into the other side of being a part of the nursery…

I’m back from my road trip to speak about marketing at the San Diego Flower & Plant Association’s Annual Growers Meeting. It was a great trip that ended up being a bit longer than I had planned on…

The meeting itself was great – buffet, drinks, raffle prizes, a brief tour of Thompson Rose where the meeting was being held – met new people, got to see some familiar faces…

The following day we were lucky enough to be given the grand tour of Olive Hill Greenhouses! Denise, her husband Will and the main man Tony, gave Darren and I a thorough walk through of their facilities – it was really interesting to see! Growing indoor plants was quite different from what we do as perennial propagators and even from what Darren’s family does as a grower. The 2.5 hour tour was the perfect way to top off our work trip! And all the beautiful plants we got to take with us (as many as the Mini could fit) didn’t hurt either!


Lots and lots of colorful bromeliads (amongst many other types of beauties)! Aren’t you so jealous!?

Their awesome living wall in their office. I think I want one too now!

One last stop before the trek back to Fresno…a quick pop-in at McCall’s Meat and Fish in Los Feliz to visit Darren’s brother at his meat shop to take a little something back home for dinner. With spicy lamb sausages and their house burger blend in our ice chest, we were finally off! – be sure to check it out if you’re the foodie sort!

…then halfway through the grapevine, my tire began to shred…

Long story short…we had to stay the night in Gorman, because it was too late to get anything done. All of the local shops were not set up to change tires on a Mini and also did not carry any tires that would have fit anyways (Mini’s don’t come with a spare – they ride on run-flats, but run-flats only work if your tire isn’t on the verge of disintegrating).

We hauled all our stuff into our hotel room, plants included, and had pizza delivered to the room – which I found through the clever advertising they placed next to the tv channels sign (menu on back with Holiday Inn Express discount too, clever indeed!)

Unloading our goodies…I think our hotel room was the nicest one that night!


We woke up bright and early to be towed to the nearest BMW dealership in Bakersfield so that they could change out the tire – then walked to a chorizo breakfast – then 4 hours later we were finally on our way back home.

It was a great trip – minus the tire scare/hassle – but it’s good to be home and in a car that’s driveable 🙂

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Whooohooo everybody! Guess what?! Thanks to Perla Hernandez, we’re darn near 100 Facebook fans now!!!

That may be small beans to some of you out there, but we’ll take it! We’re busting into the triple digits any day now baby! And to celebrate our almost-at-triple-digits feat, we’re going to do another giveaway, because free is always fun, right!

Since UC Verde Buffalograss is bound to go dormant soon, we won’t be handing any of that out…so I’ll have to get a little creative…hmm, hm, hmmmmm…

Well, what would be more exciting for you – plant goodies or other kinds of non-greenery goodies???

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Hey y’all! Guess what!?! I finally finished the new UC Verde Buffalograss website!!! I know finishing it now seems like the most random time with it being the end of the season and all, but eh… If you have the chance, go by and check it out!

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We recently had someone contacting us asking the difference between UC Verde and Eco Lawn Seed – and in case you were wondering, here’s a break down of the differences and why we believe UC Verde is still the way to go (besides because we sell it!):

  • Eco Lawn is a mixture of fine fescues. Fine fescues are best in cooler climates and high elevations. 
  • Eco Lawn claims to have deep root system up to 14 inches.  Turf-type fescue roots go 3 to 4 feet and UC Verde can go 6 to 8 feet deep. 
  • Only moderate wear tolerance
  • Slower to recuperate from traffic injury
  • Eco Lawns can produce thatch which is a layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between the green matter and the soil surface. Excessive thatch (over 1/2 inch thick) creates a favorable environment for pests and disease, an unfavorable growing environment for grass roots, and can interfere with some lawn care practices.
  • Eco Lawns may be difficult to mow because of tough leaves
  • It may go dormant during extended heat (90s +, 1-2 weeks)
  • Susceptible to red thread, leafspot, and dollarspot
  • Yearly over-seeding is also generally required

*Since the posting of this article we received an understandably unhappy comment from the Eco Lawn producer. We ask that you please also read his comment and our response to it and decide for yourselves which would work best for your situation and location.  I’m sure like anything, both varieties have their perks and weaknesses and we do not claim that UC Verde is a miracle grass by any means. It is not our intention in any way to mislead people or provide false information in the hopes of a sale. However, we can say that both products offer you a way to conserve water and you can’t go wrong with that!

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Are you a fan yet on our Facebook page? If not, you’re totally missing out! Gary just posted a bunch of pics from his recent UC Verde installation on our FB page! So now, Gary accompanies Mike in our Awesome Book 🙂

Here are some highlights in case you missed out!

It took Gary and his garden crew of 3, a little over 2 hours to drill the holes and install the UC Verde plugs into his 950 sq ft lawn. Gary got creative and made a jig to help him with the spacing layout!


We usually recommend 12″ center spacing which comes out to a plug per square foot -which means 8 trays for Gary, since there are 128 plugs per tray.


As Gary drilled the holes his crew followed behind installing the plugs.


And ta-da!!!




And Gary was kind enough to do a bit of free shameless promoting for us! Thanks Gary!



Now go and become a Facebook fan and check out the other UC Verde pics our fans have posted! 🙂

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Sorry I’ve been MIA lately!…

I’ve been busy trying to finish up our annual catalog for the nursery. I know you’re wondering “But I thought you sell UC Verde Buffalograss?” – and yes we do! But our main bread and butter comes from our perennial liners sold to the trade. UC Verde is the only product that we sell directly to consumers.

And since I am in charge of all the marketing and design, that means I’m in charge of promoting both sides! So here’s a little peek into the other part of our biz here at Takao Nursery:

*And stay tuned – I’ll be giving you a virtual tour of our operations next week! (Minus the hundred degree weather – yuck!)

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