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Here’s a month to month UC Verde lawn from Craig in Los Angeles! Thanks for sharing Craig!









Beginning of June


End of June


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Random But Cool

…So I do Google alerts for UC Verde – basically it just tells me “Hey, someone mentioned UC Verde somewhere in the world wide web!”…

And this link pops up with some transcript to a podcast called Scriptnotes hosted by John August, a screenwriter in L.A. Further investigation into his website leads me to his About page (I have intense investigatory skills!) where I find this interesting tidbit – ‘His screenwriting credits include Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Charlie’s Angels and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’! Very cool!

I hit Ctrl + F to cut to the chase and find out where the UC Verde part is – and he actually had a lot of great things to say about it! So I thought that was pretty cool 🙂 and just thought I’d share! Here’s the link to the full transcript or you can read on for the important stuff below 😉


John: …On that, let us wrap this little podcast up. My One Cool Thing is actually something that’s very sturdy, sort of like the human body when you remove its intestines. So, my One Cool Thing is UC Verde Buffalo Grass. I don’t know if you’ve heard of what this stuff is?

So our front of our house, we took out the front lawn because we’re sort of on this hill and there was really no good reason to have grass because you couldn’t enjoy the grass, and it was taking a tremendous amount of water to water that grass. So we put in native plants in the front. It looks nice. It’s wonderful. But in the back we actually have some lawn area where a kid can play soccer or kickball or some elaborate sport she just invented that involves kicking the ball and then doing math, because she’s that kind of kid.

But normal grass is sort of a huge water drain. So, we ended up putting in this new stuff called UC Verde Buffalo Grass. And it’s actually kind of amazing. So what they did is they took Buffalo Grass and sort of refined it, and refined it, and refined it, and sort of cross-bred it with this different thing. So they came up with a Buffalo Grass that takes very, very little water but really resembles normal grass. And so you can buy it, and if you’re putting in a new lawn someplace, or you’re working on your old lawn and thinking about something new, I’d really recommend it. It’s worked out very well.

The caveats for it: it’s not the kind of lawn that you can roll out, nor can you seed it. You actually have to buy these little plugs. And you just buy these little sort of one-square-inch plugs and you have to plant them. And you plant them six inches apart, and so that’s tedious and it takes a long time. But once it grows in it has been really, really good. And we basically don’t have to water for like months during the year, which is great.

Craig: Does it feel like normal grass?

John: It really feels like normal grass. It looks like normal grass and it feels like normal grass. As it is first growing in it’s a little too soft, like you could sort of push through to the ground a little too easily. But now that it’s grown in denser it’s really, really strong. And the roots are much deeper than normal grass which is why you don’t have to water it so much. So, it’s been a good investment.

Craig: I like that. David Zucker is very environmentally conscious. And a few years ago he did that ridiculous — I mean, I can’t stop making fun of this — that ridiculous thing where he got the fake grass, you know, the synthetic grass that’s basically like fancier Astro Turf.

John: Recycled plastic.

Craig: Yeah. It’s basically plasticy Astro Turf. So they got Astro Turf to leave that sort of terrible highway motel carpeting and to look like real grass, but the problem is, you don’t water it at all, but the problem is it heats up and just burns everybody that steps on it. [laughs] And it’s the dumbest thing ever. It kills me. I just think it’s so ridiculous.

John: But where I will… — We don’t have any of the plastic grass. Where I will say friends who’ve put in the plastic grass is where you have a place where grass just can’t grow because it’s too shaded by a tree. That’s actually kind of a great place for plastic grass.

Craig:  Sure. That’s fine. I buy that. Although, you know, there’s other options there.

John: Yeah. There’s shade-living things.

Craig: Yeah, there are. There are shade-living things. There are wee people that appreciate the shade. If you give them toadstools they will come. They will come. And they will grant wishes.

John: The other good thing about this grass is it seems to be very dog pee sturdy, so your dog can pee all over it and it won’t do weird things. It won’t die.

Craig: Nice.


Pretty cool, right?! 🙂

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Week 1: Installation/First week of March 2012

 Week 7: Filling in nicely!

A special thanks to Jerome Lew for sharing these pics from a recent green home project he has been working on! In his experience, he found that the plugs that were heavily doused in the Zeba Root Dip seemed to establish much faster. And he says “the homeowners are very happy”!

It all looks great, we can’t wait to see more! Thanks Jerome!

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The folks over at UC Davis documented their whole UC Verde experience from brand spanking new plugs to how to deal with winter dormancy. Check it out!

UC Verde plots, October 2010 (after the 1st weeding)
No water stress 8/16/11

Rye grass versus a turf colorant to keep UC Verde looking green through the winter:

Section of plot sprayed with turf colorant, Nov. 30, 2011.  Annual ryegrass is adjacent to (above/left) sprayed section.


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Corey’s soooo great about keeping us updated on the UC Verde Buffalograss he won in our contest last spring! (And if you entered, but weren’t as lucky, don’t worry! I’ll be throwing another contest next spring!) Here’s his latest update:

…20 weeks in.  Only third mow of the season!  Been super busy so I have done absolutely nothing since my last mow at the 12 week update.  8 weeks between mowing!  That would have been impossible with my old dwarf fescue lawn which needed mowing every 2-3 weeks, minimum.  Have been watering every 4 days for 10 minutes except skipped a couple cycles during the early Oct rains.  The lawn has been just fine.  A little taller/lusher on one side of the lawn than the other now.  Probably as the sun has been getting lower in the sky that side has been getting a little bit more shade distributed throughout the day than the other so moisture evaporating unevenly.

Maybe I’ll give it a couple more 4-day cycle waterings to let it recover from the mowing, then back off on watering further to just once a week.  Maybe can even turn off the sprinklers depending on the weather.  We shall see.

Have had no time to try any weed treatments whatsoever either.  The spurge weed continues to comingle with the UC Verde, but it is definitely not taking over.  You mention in a post that now is the time to try some harsher broadleaf weed treatments so I will have to see if I can find some time to do that.

Other than that, I guess time to see what it is like as it heads towards its first domancy period.



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We recently had someone come by to purchase some UC Verde Buffalograss for his home. He had just moved into his new house and he complained that he was very allergic to his lawn. As soon as he stepped onto it, his feet would rash up! He had heard about the low allergy benefits of UC Verde and thought he’d give it shot. He even walked out bare footed onto our test patches out here at our nursery and his feet had no reaction!

This is more of an extreme case of allergies, but since UC Verde produces hardly any seed heads it’s much better for those with the regular sort of sneezy wheezy allergies too!

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UC Davis is committed to fostering sustainable places that…includes the outdoor campus landscape, gateways to the Davis community and a network of natural reserves elsewhere in California that UC Davis manages.

Discovering and demonstrating new ways to manage water efficiently not only saves campus oerating costs, but serves as a model for a water-strapped state.

UC Verde buffalograss, developed by scientists at UC Davis and UC Riverside, is literally adding more green to campus in an efficient way.

UC Verde grass needs only about 25 percent the amount of water used for other turf grasses. The grass was included in the landscaping of the new Maurice J. Gallagher Hall, home to the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, in part to meet the Gold-level certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED).

In addition to being water-efficient, UC Verde grass is also extremely tough and dense with strong disease and insect resistance, which reduces the need for chemical applications, weeding or other maintenance. Because the grass variety grows very slowly in comparison to other varieties, it also needs to be mowed far less frequently.

Click here for the full article and click here to read more about their installation of UC Verde.

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UCVerde Buffalograss was mentioned in the June 2010 issue of Sunset Magazine as a great low-water lawn alternative! We had sent them samples to try out last year through one of our brokers and here is what they have to say about it: “We grew it at Sunset and loved its soft feel and 6-inch height (if left unmowed)”.

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Read about a homeowner’s experience with buffalograss he planted in spring of 2008 in San Diego County! http://www.ucverdebuffalograss.com/jim_kulkhen.pdf

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“This is REAL triple digit weather … over 110 for most of the month. The lawn gets noticeably stressed by the last day before watering – slightly blue and footprints don’t spring back.

But I’m using 60% of the water it would take for an established Bermuda lawn, and mowing less than once a week. Unlike Bermuda, that turns scraggly when underwatered, the Buffalo grass just slows down it’s growth but stays reasonably green.”

Read more about her experience here: http://lazygardens.blogspot.com/search/label/buffalo%20grass

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